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Who Said Writing Was Easy?

Yesterday I spent all morning pasting a short story submission into a special box that required me to manually space each paragraph and list which words I want italicized. I was cautioned that parentheses are frowned upon and that any … Continue reading

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Jogging My Memory-Part Deux

Last week, I answered a few questions designed to jog the memory. I enjoyed doing that so much, I’d like to try a few more.  Here goes. Q.  Why do you dress that way? A.  What way? Q.  Are you … Continue reading

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Jogging My Memory-Part I

Teachers of creative writing love distributing information on how to write, when to write, what to write–you name it.  Recently I came across a long list of questions, designed to jog the memory of people who write memoirs.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Laguna Beach Festival of Arts-Farewell to Season ’11

The last day of this season’s Festival of Arts ended on Wednesday, August 31, with a treasure hunt to find how little gremlins had pranked certain art works, adding beady eyes, ribbons, and other gewgaws.  At the gate, attendees had … Continue reading

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