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An Eventful Month

My stomach is still full from Thanksgiving food, but my mind is empty–except for dwelling on the the events of November, which still has five days to go. My car was totaled in my recent accident, which happened just two … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Words

Readers of my past blogs know that I love words, and I take every opportunity to enhance my vocabulary.  So when I discovered a Word document entitled Vocabulary Words, I opened it with great excitement. But, alas, I found some … Continue reading

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Lucky 11-11-11

All day Friday, I kept hearing about lucky 11-11-11, a sequence of 1′s that have occurred for the first time this century. I, for one, am happy I will not be around on November 11, 2111.  On 11-11-11, a heavy-duty … Continue reading

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Interesting Responses To My Blog

I enjoy writing my weekly blog, and I have received some interesting responses, even a marriage proposal. Dee FitzGerald has been giving me advice on my blog.  I really appreciate his help.  Last week he suggested I might think about … Continue reading

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