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Last week, I discussed movies, one of my favorite pastimes; this week’s topic is The Beach where I spent some of my most enjoyable summers. During childhood, after a cold, snowy, New England winter and a slushy spring, the weather … Continue reading

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I love movies; I always have. I remember watching the new, in-color musicals, Saturday nights at the local passion pit (drive-in), Sunday movies in a theater full of college compatriots.  I remember standing in line for hours to see “Star … Continue reading

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It’s scary to think how much time I waste. In that vein, I made a list of the activities that are major time-wasters in my life. One of the worst offenders is THE YAHOO PAGE.  There, I am enticed into … Continue reading

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Last week, I tackled the subject of Homophones, and this week it’s Homonyms.   As I’ve said before, words fascinate me. Unlike Homophones, which I discussed last week, Homonyms sound the same, and they are spelled the same way, but … Continue reading

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What better way to start the new year than to tackle the problem of homophones.  No, homophones are not phones for men only and have no relation to the word homophobic. Homophones are words that sound the same but are … Continue reading

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