In addition to being told that one needs to cough up extra money for Uncle Sam during this dreaded tax season, plagues such as Wet Rot, Dry Rot, and Termites have put fear into my heart.  Appliances break down because they’re manufactured to last only a few years, carpets wear out, rooms call for repainting, stoppages happen, etc. etc. etc.   We’re all more or less accustomed to those travails.

I’ve read that the first light bulbs didn’t burn out.  Imagine that!  Of course, they were soon replaced by bulbs that needed to be replaced.

Currently, Slab Leak is the dreaded problem that is now assailing me.  I used to read ads for Slab Leak professionals and think: Why would anyone need such persons?  What did the poor devils  do wrong?  I’m here to swear that they did nothing wrong.

The Scope tech arrived this morning with his leak-detecting equipment.  Nice guy!  After an hour, he found the bad boy pipe, and I wrote him a check for $200.  Since then, the plumber has been cutting rectangles in my walls and ceilings to cap and reroute pipes. He’s being neat about it, for which I’m grateful, but once he’s finished, I will need to call in a plasterer and a painter to put the rooms back to new. And so, I’m writing this blog to take my mind off of the dollars that I visualize floating away, away from my bank account.

The truly scary part is that another slab leak could pop up anywhere and anytime.  Did I say that?  I’m biting my tongue.

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