If I were physically able, I might have skipped around the room when I finished writing my grey panther mystery, “Feisty Old Ladies.”

The last paragraph had been tough going with emails back and forth between me and Ellen Larson,  the excellent and infinitely patient editor who had been shepherding me through revisions for the last six months. Feelings of euphoria overtook me as she pronounced my ending, “Spot on.”

But those euphoric feelings were soon replaced by feelings of emptiness, the postpartum blues after birthing my book.  How could I survive without the daily rhythm of writing, rephrasing, editing and correcting?

Panic set in. Now I would have to market the child.  Should I search for an agent or try for a publisher?  Ellen pointed me to Absolute Write, the main resource for writers looking for agents and publishers. I would start there.

I would also need a one-page synopsis and a query letter; I have only rudimentary attempts at both—must get busy, shaping those up.

I had pushed the marketing business to the recesses of my mind; now I would be forced to deal with it.

But wait.  I’ve had a reprieve.  In reading through my manuscript to check for consistency and to print out hard copies, I’ve found myself writing, rephrasing, editing and correcting.  So here I go again.  The good part is that I can’t possibly proceed with my marketing plans.

After putting in seven years writing the mystery, what’s another few weeks?

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  1. Cute Post. Good luck.

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